Jeffrey has… (a poem that mostly rhymes)

Jeffrey has… 
Clothes, toys
things that make noise

Two cool swings 
several bouncy things
an awesome bedroom 

Enormous stuffed critters
quilts made by hand 
strollers and wraps and blankets

Best of all Jeffrey has love
from mother and father
from grandmother too
from nana
from grandpas numbering two
from aunts and uncles
and from cousins alike

Love is the one thing that
won’t break or wear out
or just become too small
most importantly and best of all
Jeffrey has love from the creator of all

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2 Responses

  1. Marisa Ala says:

    I wanted to cry when reading this!! How sweet is this! I love it John.

  2. Tina Fondren says:

    John, you have impressed this English teacher beyond words. You know that to leave me speechless is quite a feat. What a blessing to see you so happy and content.