OK, now what?

We’ve been to the classes
read all the books 
talked with friends
and neighbors
and stangers too

We know he is coming
and aproximatly when
just seems like forever till then

We know all the signs
and the way to the hospital
we have numbers of doctors
and friends
and family

The only thing left is to pray and wait
wait and pray and walk they say

Will walking really help?
I wonder myself if anything 
can make time move faster

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1 Response

  1. Susan Lowe says:

    Time goes like a snail at this point!! I can remember back 29 1/2 years….yes my memory will go that far. But then to be honest when we were getting really close the x-ray showed my Jeff to be breech…coming out feet first…so a C-Section was planned. Therefore the actual waiting ended on a planned day.
    But I’m sure your Jeffrey will get here on the assigned day and all will be well.

    Thinking of you and praying he arrives safe and sound and soon.