The cure for your slovenly ways

brokenI’ll admit it, I was a slob. Well I guess I still am but it shows a lot less now. To really understand how bad things can get, have kids. Seriously, if they eat, the floor is a sea of crumbs and food chunks. Why all the food doesn’t actually make it in┬átheir mouth is no mystery. They never stop talking and they like to look around while attempting to put wobbly forks or spoons in their mouths. I’ve actually seen my son hit the side of his face with a spoonful of food.

Sure I used to drop my cloths on the floor, but at least I was on the other side of the room from the hamper. The kids, well they drop them on the floor right next to the hamper. Literally laying in the floor touching the hamper.

For some reason it is the same for trash, bikes, helmets, scooters, school bags…well pretty much anything. So to combat this I teach them how to do it right by setting an example (well trying to anyway.)

What crazy messy things drive you crazy? (The ones your kids do, not your spouse.)


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